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From Pierre-Francois Rio
Toronto, Canada

Congratulations! You are a business owner!
Now, I know it might be hard to believebut wherever you are with your business right now...
You need to take an Inventory Count.
You see, the most important thing IS NOT:
  •  How much revenue you generate
  • The number of stores and employees you have
  • Or the kind of products or service that you sell...
It Is The KNOWLEDGE That Your Inventory Holds About Your Business.
THAT is the gold mine of your business… 
Do you KNOW what you have in stock?
What products you are running low of? How often?
What is your weekly usage? Your waste?
THESE are all the real results of your day to day business operations...

Everyday in your business, you have a massive list of things to do. 
But as the business owner or manager, the most important thing is you have to make good decisions and you have to execute on them fast

You have to KNOW where your hard earned money is wasted, and where it will be best put to use...
You Don't Need To Be A large corporation 
or selling tons of products...
You just need to want to make a profit today, bigger than it was yesterday.
This is true for ANY industry and ANY type of business:
  • Spas & Salons...
  •  Coffee shops, Sub shops, Popcorn Stores...
  •  Clothing stores, Home appliances...
  •  Maintenance, Repair...
  •  E-commerce, Retail, Services...
I'm not sure if you understand this right now... 
but KNOWING what you have in stock, has the ability to...
TRANSFORM your business and your life....
Right now, your business is transacting with people, hopefully lots. 
Every month, your business is employing people, selling stuff, purchasing products and equipment… 
And the reality of your books and the secrets to growing your profits, lies in your inventory…
Not too long ago, I had no clue...
How your inventory could transform your business.
My name is Pierre-Francois Rio,

And since starting SwiftCOUNT, I’ve had the chance to serve business owners from around the world… people like you and me... who want to grow their business and spend less time running it. 

In fact, a little while ago I got a call from one of my good friend who runs a retail store chain.

He told me how a few years ago, at a time when his company was just as big as 1 retail store, he was working really hard to grow his company’s profits and grow his business…
He was struggling To Get the information, the data he needed, to better run his business.  
THAT, would enable everything for him...
Better decisions, better purchasing, forecasting, sales and profit.
The problem was that in spite of growing his sales, his profits were not necessarily following.
In fact he could see his sales going up some months and STILL END UP WITH LESS PROFIT...
What he needed was to Take Frequent Inventory Counts.

Like many business owners and managers, he went on to create a whole process for each of his stores and staff to go through at the end of each month to count his inventory.
The process took so much time and money. 
It became the biggest burden of his entire business but also his staff and for himself. 

Because it was such a tedious and boring process and task, the counts were never really accurate and the numbers he got every month were hardly actionable... 
The whole thing was just ridiculous. 
Only 2 years later...
They found a tool that would make it really easy for them to take inventory counts.
For a fraction of the time and cost it used to take them, and while automatically gathering all the data in one single place.

It changed everything for them…

They were now counting their inventory 4 times more frequently...
In less than half the time, without any tech savvy background or expensive systems.
And, the accuracy of the counts were way higher

In fact over the last few years, he grew his company to over 20 stores, and spend less time running them…
Well, that's really exciting for him, 
but the COOLER thing is that IT DIDN'T ONLY WORK FOR HIM...
We started getting more and more business owners using this exact same tool, with the same concepts…

And we saw those people who had these amazing businesseswho tried to grow their profits over and over again, and had failed...

They took this tool, implemented what they needed... 
The same things my friend used with his own stores.

And we're watching these people becoming better business managers
and growing their businesses from the knowledge they can now easily get.

Now, this tool, this entire platform, 
we packaged it into a new and very special way...
And that's something I am so excited to share with you…
It's a tool that will help you Easily Take Inventory Counts, help you KNOW what you have in stock and Gather All The Data In One Place.

It is a simple and elegant cloud based platform and app, 
designed to be dynamic and reliable, but also fast and intuitive

And This Platform… is called SwiftCOUNT.
My Name Is Pierre, 
I am a Co-Founder of SwiftCOUNT.
SwiftCOUNT was born from a place of frustration. Ours was simple; inventory management sucks. 

It sucks so much that many avoid it until a problem arises. It's boring, repetitive and for the direct benefit can be hard to see. 

At SwiftCOUNT our objective is to make the operation of your business, better, stronger and more enjoyable.

With our help, small businesses can now count 4 to 5 times more frequently, for a fraction of the cost... 
Only one person needed and no particular skillset or knowledge pre-required. And the accuracy of the information collected is way higher.

SwiftCOUNT Essentials
What's Inside SwiftCOUNT Essentials? 
3 Months Access to SwiftCount's Cloud Platform & App designed to quickly schedule and take Counts, while getting the essential detail of information, all in one place.

 I've included everything you need to start successfully today... and MORE!
Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get When You Join SwiftCOUNT Today! 
3 months Access To SwiftCOUNT
SwiftCOUNT gives you everything you need to easily take inventory counts, help you know what you have in stock and gather all the information in one place.

It is a simple and elegant cloud based platform and app, 
designed to be dynamic and reliable, but also fast and intuitive. 
SwiftCount Counters App
Our app has been designed to quickly count your inventory, with only the help of your thumb. 

Know how to swipe left and right? You're already good to go then!
Analytics Suite
Get the essential detail of information you need to become a better business manager. 

The simplicity and depth of information you get will enable you to quickly make good business decisions, grow your profits and spend less time running your business. 
And, when you signup today...
I'm Going To Include Some Exclusive Bonuses 
You Can't Get Anywhere Else!
Swift Setup Suite
Setting up your company as never been that easy.
With the Swift Setup Suite, you will be able to setup your company within SwiftCount in no time. 

We created a special module, accessible directly on your dashboard. 

You will also get our Admin Quick Starter Guide which will explain all the concepts used in SwiftCOUNT. 

PLUS, we will give you access to our “How-To Video series” which has tons of video tutorials to help you along the way. 

Count Master Ebook
The Ultimate Resource To Master Your Physical Counts.
Know and apply each steps our successful business owners use to successfully organize and take counts in their business.

Swift No-Risk Guarantee
Is it okay if we over-deliver?
If for any reason, SwiftCount is unable to help you or does not fit with your business, we will refund you 100%.
Just let us know in the first 30 days.
SwiftCOUNT Essentials will help you Count your inventory in NO TIME and give you all the data you need to understand your business better, in one place.
As you can probably see above, getting access to SwiftCOUNT Essentials is like giving yourself special business vision glasses to always make the business decisions that will take your business to the next level.

So, are you excited for SwiftCOUNT Essentials yet!?! 

NOW is the time to take action and get started!
Get Our Special SwiftCOUNT Essentials Offer
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When You Sign Up For 
SwiftCOUNT Essentials Today!
I cannot wait for you to see how knowing what you have in stock will completely transform your business (and your life) forever... just like it did for my friend, along with hundreds of other business owners and managers just like you!   

From here, you’re just a few clicks away from instant access to everything you need to count your inventory and get the essential data to make the right decisions for YOUR business...

Click on the button above to get SwiftCOUNT Essentials (and everything that comes with it), and we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch my video. 
I hope it has been incredibly eye-opening and helpful for you.

Pierre-Francois Rio
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase SwiftCOUNT Essentials!
  •  3 months Access To SwiftCOUNT ($149 Value)
  •  SwiftCOUNT Counters App ($247 Value)
  •  Analytics Suite ($297 Value)
  •  Swift Setup Suite ($197 Value)
  •  Count Master ($97 Value)
  •  Swift No-Risk Guarantee (All The Above)
Total Value: $785
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